Installing and running

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Installation on floppy disk

Installing and running AMC-OS on a (virtual) floppy disk is currently the simplest way to run it.

Real floppy disk

With a real 3"5 floppy disk drive, after compilation, in a DOS or Windows command line, type :


This will copy all required AMC-OS files on the floppy A:, including replacement of boot sector.

Virtual floppy disk

You may use a tool like vfd (Virtual Floppy Drive) to mount a virtual floppy disk drive on drive A:\. Then follow the procedure for a real floppy disk drive.

Running AMC-OS from a floppy disk

Normal boot process

Just insert your floppy disk in your drive, and reboot!

Using VMWare

Configure a simple host (type Other), then specify your physical floppy drive, or your floppy image to boot on. Start the VM!

Using QEMU

Supposing your floppy disk, virtual or not, is in A:\, you can just start AMC-OS in QEMU with (from QEMU directory) :

qemu.exe -fda a: -boot a

When using a disk file amcos.flp, you can start QEMU with :

qemu.exe -fda amcos.flp -boot a